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Roller Derby Beirut & Cairollers

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Let roller derby's aesthetics give you a taste of roller derby history. 
We're happy to be back in bounds with a 2nd Edition of Bout Book. Packing it up with over 300 full colour pages, and over 150 worldwide leagues highlighted we feature the transitions and milestones of modern day roller derby. Taking the league with Bad Girl Good Women Production we cover revival roller derby from the early 2000's to present day. 

We are proud to feature interviews from Mick Swagger (Team Indigenous), Electra Blu of Texas Rollergirls, Bob Ray (Hell on Wheels Documentary) and Master Blaster (Bear City Roller Derby and WFTDA Board of Directors).  London Rollergirls founder Bette Noir discusses setting up a roller derby league, Minnie Minx  (CaiRollers) talks about the first - and currently only - roller derby league in Egypt.and Roller Derby Beirut explain why they want to be seen as a league of athletes and not breaking stereotypes.

Bout Book is not for profit. We are driven by the do-it-yourself (DIY) derby ethic. Created by skaters for skaters and lovers of roller derby our aim is to increase the access, affordability and opportunity for all those who want to be part of this fierce, athletic sport. Through the creation of this book – along with this sports progress and growth – we see a struggle to access one of the fastest growing sports in the world. We will be transparent with the amounts raised. We have an initial run of 500 copies on sale and hope that we can order another run in 2019.

This book could not have happened without the support shown from the derby community. To all those who have contributed artwork, given interviews thank you.

For those who would like to assist. Please spread the word. Let leagues and lovers of roller derby know we exist. Post and share on social media if you can.

We will be launching league packages so if you are in a league, or know of a league in your local area let them know about Bout Book.

For those who are interested you can purchase a copy in London in Double Threat Shop or order books via email.